An objective and creative hand for selling, merging or buying a practice.

During times of great change, it's important to steer yourself out of the emotional storm, and into a place where assistance and objectivity is plentiful.

During emotional times in business, that means seeking qualified, creative and objective professionals that are committed to their work.

In a transition in which you are buying, selling or merging your company, you can bet that big changes are abound, and big decisions need to be made.

But in times of uncertainty, how do you know what the next step is?

While it's important to listen to your own voice—it's also very important to seek assistance. 

Indeed, if you're in a business transition, it's important to find an objective perspective that simultaneously accommodates you. 

At Practice Success, that's exactly what we seek to provide. We let you pick our role in your affairs. We attend to the vision and goals of all parties involved.

We operate on a "case-by-case" basis, accepting only those we can best serve

If you're selling your business

  • We pay attention to the culture and principles that you have instilled into it

    • The model that you have created

      • And the vision that you have materialized, and attempt to transition that to the buyer.

If the buyer has new plans, and wants to move in different directions 

  • We do our best to find grounds for compromise

    • We work to ensure that important aspects of what you created  can be respected and honored.

      • In other words, we do our diligence to find the right fit for your sale.

We want to make sure we are accommodating, respecting and guiding you from the beginning of your transitional journey, all the way to its conclusion.

A Practice Success Transition Advisor can effectively provide this necessary help by:

  • Assessing the finances of the practice and determine what needs to go where, for everyone involved. 

  • Gauge the goals of each participant regarding the practice

    • This means communicating the ethos and legacy of the seller, and also the goals and visions of the buyer

      • Indeed, as a mediator, we seek to ensure that everyone is in a win-win scenario through sincere understanding.


Our valuations include projections, alternate business plans and operating agreements for after the sale relationships.

Through personal conversation, we empower you by listening to what you want from us. Indeed, we customize our coaching to you and your needs. 

Whether you want us to be a coach, consultant, or even a broker—it is up to you. Our accounting and legal team support you along the way.

Transitions are made best with clarity—and clarity comes from perspective and trust. In our Transitions Program—which focuses on helping you transition your business to new ownership or management—we focus on providing perspective and creativity to this process—while you execute it, and then move to the next phase of your life.

Indeed, we call these transitions "a crucial decision", and we like to consider ourselves personal consultants who are there to assist, and guide you during this emotional, and at times meticulous process.

To be sure, the only agenda that we bring, other than using our experience and expertise, is helping clinicians undergo this tremendous moment in their businesses, and their lives.