I have known Bill for over 20 years. He is a man of highest integrity and ethics.
— Richard C. Nelson, President, Richard C. Nelson, DDS, PC
Bill is a dynamic consultant, speaker, and group leader in the medical practice industry. He has had a long and successful career in this area and has helped many practice owners and operators to achieve a substantially better financial position and quality of life.
— Susan Pickman, Ph.D., CFE, President, The Pickman Group, LLC
Bill is an excellent business coach. He helped my Cosmetic and Sleep Apnea Dental Practice grow to new levels. He is personable and knows what patients are looking for when choosing a dentist.
— Jay Neuhaus (client)
I have a practice that is expanding. My team and I worked with Bill for at least a year. Though my wife is an executive at a large corporation nearby, Bill encouraged her to take a “long lunch” when we had our meetings and she would spend a good hour with us too. At first, I was not sure our simple “team meetings” would motivate my staff. Before each meeting, Bill, my wife and I would discuss what we wanted to accomplish. Then we would seat down with everyone and just discuss how we could work better for the sake of the patients. Occasionally we would prepare by listening to audio books for “a more in depth” discussion on a specific subjects, like “doing your best” or “not taking anything personally.” It all seemed very simple but it worked. Our numbers started rising and even in a difficult year like 2011-2012, our numbers stayed up and then, to my surprise, went up again. When we made a few changes in personnel, everyone accepted them and we would hit another plateau. When an associate moved, we made a strategic decision to move on and we moved on. Things continue to expand months later. Looking back on our program, I realize that I have had more time for family and that my team is a real team now. I also know that the changes we made were essential. So, I am grateful. If you are looking for a balanced, stress free way of expanding your treatment mix and motivating your team, I recommend Bill and Practice Success.
— Jianming Duan (client)
I have known Bill since our days in elementary school, and have worked with him on Projects for his company as well as for mine. Bill has an outstanding work ethic, is a great thinker and a very good friend. Where Bill shines best is in helping others better understand where to focus and how to deal with - the complex problems or issues that arise in the course of managing your responsibilities and/or your overall business challenges. Bill is the real deal!
— Frank Hicks President & Managing Partner Business Improvement Solutions, VISTX Corporation
In today’s competitive landscape you need more than a solid business strategy to be successful. Drive, organization, fairness and planning are a small part. Bill has a factor that will allow for these skills to work. His self- awareness, accountability and continuous adaptation to individual needs makes Bill stand out in a crowd.
— Nick Schneider, Specialty Account Manager NY, OraPharma Inc.
Bill is a man of integrity with an earnest desire to support those with whom he works. He is conscientious and hard working and will do his best to bring good service.
— Paula Ryan, owner, Wellspring Center, LLC
Bill was instrumental in revitalizing my dental practice. He helped me identify weaknesses in my practice and then worked with me to come up with my solutions; not cookie cutter ones.
— Scott Dubowsky D.D.S. (client)
I have known Bill for over a decade, he is very dedicated to helping others succeed. He is very easy going and easy to work with. He was a great consultant then and I am sure he s an excellent one now.
— Dr. Shila Yazdani, CEO, Revive Neuromuscular Aesthetic Dentistry
Bill has an in-depth knowledge of the Dental field with connections to many resources.
— Jim Baum, Business Developement, Wells Fargo Practice Finance
I highly regard Bill Dennis. He brings tremendous enthusiasm and expertise to his professional endeavors. He has a holistic perspective that allows his work to fulfill a wide variety of needs and goals. You will not find a more motivated person on the planet.
— Karyne Wilner, Assistant Director, Institute of Core Energetics
Bill’s approach to practice improvement and growth is very customized taking into account the entire team. The intent is to make every team member realize that they play an important role to providing exemplary service. Bill always takes the time to understand the practice that he is working with and makes suggestions that are worth pursuing. I feel he is genuinely interested in your success. I have no hesitation in recommending him.
— Sivakumar Sreenivasan D.D.S.
Bill is a great business consultant that brings the best out of you. He focuses on internal personal growth in order to conquer any obstacle you can encounter. He empowers you and teach you how to become a great leader in your field. He is perfect for the dentist/entrepreneur who wants balance in the chaotic world of owning a dental office.
— Erick Hosaka (Client)
I first met with Bill last year. He has been a practice consultant for many years and comes with great suggestions for practice improvement and better functionality. He is very attentive to the needs of the office and does his home work well prior to offering solutions. My staff and I found Bill to be easy to talk and interact with. We could relate to each other beyond our professional lives as well. I highly recommend Bill without any reservation as someone to reach out to get another perspective on the functioning of your office.
— Sivakumar Sreenivasan (client)
Bill and his team are excellent and I would highly recommend their services. They helped me and my team get to the next level. His most valuable service was to identify our strengths and weaknesses. We were able to emphasized what we were good at; and improved, were we came up short. All this in an atmosphere that was encouraging and empowering. If you are thinking of using him, stop, and just do it. You and your team will be glad you did.
— Pablo Cuevas D.D.S. (client)
Bill gets right to the point of solution with his years of experience. Bill has created a high bar for professional coaches following his ground work. I have enjoyed working with Bill while he was in New Jersey. I gained valuable tools of management that I continue to use daily. Bill had increase my revenue by $100,000 within 12 months. My income continues to climb even in a down market from management tools I have implemented over the years. I have since become a speaker to help other business owners and companies overcome barriers with team and employee development. I have learned from Bill how to fix the problem before the problem destroys your goals. Dr. Charmen Douglas Beautiful Smile LLC Give Back A Life Foundation
— Charmen Douglas D.D.S. (client)
I contacted Bill at a time when my office was in terrible shape, due to having hired several “scientific”, “church-based” consulting groups. Bill helped me to get my head readjusted and put back in place. I stopped losing patients due to the aggressive nature of the previous consultants. His team was extremely helpful, informative and well-informed. I highly recommend him.
— Ben Schultz (client)
I’ve had the privilege of knowing and learning from Bill over the course of the past 8 months or so. He’s an incredible professional with a wealth of knowledge as it pertains to his industry expertise and has provided substantial advice in helping with Unleashed Technologies long term future. I highly recommend Bill as a person of the highest integrity, principle, and character.
— Michael Spinosa Chief Executive Officer Unleashed Technologies