Upgrade your Practice.


We want to help you take your practice to the next level. Whether it's through your daily operations, or better clarifying your vision and desired culture to your employees and customers, we're here to help. 

Indeed, our mission is to take your practice to a new level of functionality through a personal approach. By taking a deep look at your office, it's players and your own personality, we are looking to fit every integral piece into place so that everyone's strengths are highlighted and given room to grow. This allows every individual to contribute more powerfully to your practice's daily operations.

What separates us? 

With 30 years of experience, Bill Dennis serves as a personal coach that works in concert with your practice.

Rather than applying a blanketed model to every practice he consults, Bill works through a case-by-case analysis. 

He pays attention to the fine details of your office affairs, and advises you through that initial, and then ongoing prism.


With a strong team behind him that focuses on creating a concise, but dense, program for your business to grow,  executive coach Bill Dennis works to sharpen the weak points of your office's operating, while highlighting, and encouraging the massive development of its strengths. 


When you sense your office needs a change, or could even use a change, initiating such a process can seem quite daunting. Changing your office's culture requires a lot of sweat and experimentation.

This is where Practice Success' value truly shines through. With so many reference experiences as a coach, Bill is highly capable of quickly detecting what logistical adjustments need to be implemented, and likewise, why and how certain culture changes need to be instilled. 

He sits in your corner as an actor that dramatically quickens your learning curve in molding your office into a higher quality institution, and does with true interest and passion.


You can email Bill personally at bill@metrocollaborative.com.


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