1 on 1

Personal Consultations


Our Philosophy


In our 1 on 1 consulting and coaching program, we listen first. 
We pay attention to your values and the details of your systems and personnel.
We explore the uniqueness and nuances of your practice, while assessing weaknesses. We simultaneously create a game plan and a ciriculum that works well with your values and needs.
We figure out how to apply methods of communication and motivation to the greater goals and visions for your life and practice. 
We have worked with hundreds of dental and medical practices.  


Successful coaching relationships are partnerships and require an agreement that outlines the roles and expectations of both participants:

  • Why are we meeting?

  • How frequently are we meeting?

  • How long is each meeting?


These are small details that can tell us a lot.
With these answers, we have already determined the purpose of our relationship, the time we seek to invest in it, and the value that we attach to it.
Next, we must ask, what are your goals, and moreover, what are the goals between us?


•  By assessing your goals, we can determine not only the vision and strengths of your practice, but also your potential blind spots and specific shortcomings inherent in your practice's model.


•  By acquiring an understanding of how you see your practice, we can better grasp your "big picture" for the practice. By understanding your big picture, furthermore, we can delve into the nooks and crannies of your business model, and the methods under which you operate.


• After gathering all of this information, we can see where your model is helping you achieve this big picture that you have envisioned, and where it is weakening it. 


•  We can then focus on the steps needed to be taken in order to reach that larger goal—that big picture.


•  Following all of this "reverse engineering", we can better assess whether or not there is anything that needs to be added, or subtracted from your current vision. 



Our General Blueprint


While the duration and frequency of mentoring meetings vary, most mentoring partners meet or talk once a week for about an hour.  The format and content of these conversations may also vary, but they typically consist of brainstorming sessions to generate updates and follow-ups on current projects, solve problems, or have more focused discussions of professional development topics. 
A mentoring relationship should not be considered an inside track to the top or an opportunity to complain - rather, it is a respectful and professional relationship in which both parties can learn from the experience and each other. Coaching and consulting focuses on adjusting to the most important areas of one’s life and work. Moreover, both are aimed at bringing out the best in an individual.Meetings and coaching are customized to the needs of the your office.  Each meeting, furthermore, will build on the previous meetings. We provide follow up, consistency and reinforcement to develop a culture that can deliver your vision and mission through collaboration, relationship development and strategy.  



An outline of our approach -

While relatively specific, the outline is adjusted depending on your office's unique affairs. 


  • Targeted Internal & referral marketing and relationships 

  • Enhance new patient experience- train staff

  • Implement patient retention program: all modalities

  • Strengthen referral base from all sources 

  • Improve internal and external communications

  • Exceptional, comprehensive and consistent  patient service 

  • Focus on comprehensive  care for committed patients

  • Refine interface: all relationships in local community

  • Service tracking for reigniting treatment plans

  • Basic systems analysis, development & implementation

  • Create heightened patient awareness: health and wellness

  • Begin articles for local papers and Blogs

  • Enhanced Web presence with emphasis on social network

  • Refine Professional training and development as needed

  • Support your love of learning with your associates 

  • Case presentation and leadership conversations as desired

  • Focus on long term direction with all conversations and consultations

  • Integrating all treatment modalities as a combined therapeutic approach that everyone is on board with

  • Other personal and business topics as needed



 The Dynamic Team


What do you want your team to do? Present? Help to bring new patients to your office?

Yes, exactly.

There is a common complaint voiced by dentists we work with in discussing their overall profitability, and it goes like this -

 “I’ve been practicing for 25 years and have one hygienist working one day a week, two assistants working full time, and I simply can’t seem to increase the overall production of my practice.”


In fixable situations like this, among many other issues that need tending to, Practice Success observes, analyzes and then works side-by-side with you and your clinical staff to implement the change necessary for dynamic growth. Our comprehensive, individualized 1 on 1 program further includes, but is not limited to:


  • Creating and Training Your Clinical Team

    • Hiring your team

      • Finding the best candidate(s)

      • Interview skills

      • Behavioral assessment for a good fit

      • Discussing salary, benefits, annual reviews

      • A quality employee manual


  • Training your staff

    • Defining duties and responsibilities

    • Cross training for clarity


  • Treatment Planning and Case Acceptance

    • Co-diagnosis

    • Doctor, hygienist, assistant   

    • Discussing Treatment and Fees

    • Preparing the types of questions you should be asking

    • Listening to and responding to your patients

    • Understanding and communicating to their behavioral type


  • Presentation Strategies/Skills:

    • Using technology effectively

    • Creating a Before and After Photo Gallery

    • Discussing Fees 

    • Treatment Room 

    • Front Office


  • Recall System

    • Prescheduling

    • Confirming appointments

    • Contacting unscheduled patients

    • Retaining and reactivating patients

    • Increase the Flow of New Patients


  • Marketing and Networking Strategies

    • Social media

    • Practice brochures/Business cards

    • Study Groups


  • Motivation and Team Building

    • Team Huddles

    • Team meetings

    •  Internal and external rewards

    •  Discussing work/life balance

    •  Conflict Management and Resolution

    •  Clarifying conflict and providing skills for effective resolution